A little bit about Thailand

Thailand or the Kingdom of Thailand was formerly known as Siam. It is the 20th most thickly settled country comprising 90% of Thai and 10% of Chinese origin. It is special in many sense, for one, it is one of the few monarchy countries left in the world. Chakri dynasty has ruled Thailand since 1782; it is currently headed by King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the ninth in the Chakri dynasty. He is the world’s longest reigning current monarch, reigning Thailand since 9 June 1946. Thai people have deep respect for their king, when foreigners witness such respect, they are baffled. From 1985-1996, Thailand witnessed a great economic boom and its stable economic and political scenario opened its gate to the world and development in the tourism industry transformed it into a sought after tourist destination. In 2006 a political turmoil took the country by storm, but it still maintained its impressive export performance and since has been an emerging economy.

A city full of reasons to smile

Thailand is popularly known in the world as ‘The land of smiles’. It has landed this title because of Thai peoples’ calm and affable nature. The country’s major religion is Buddhism with only a small section of society following Islam. Buddhism has had a big hand in shaping the Thai culture. The teachings of Buddhism can be glimpsed in every aspect of people’s everyday life. In Thai tradition, they give great respect to their elders and strive to learn from them. This dedication of the people is the reason that they have a high level of participation in education, and this in turn is resulting in flourishing private and public institutions. The country has always been called as Mueang Thai by its citizen. The word ‘the’ of Thailand means independence in Thai language.

Tourism contributes 6% to the country’s economy. It is rightly said that you should travel all over the world before visiting Thailand because once you come here you will keep on coming back. People can’t get enough of Thailand’s exceptional culture, the sunny weather and the beautiful soul of Thai people. This place has something for everyone. Thailand is popular among the tourists because of its stunning tropical beaches, beautiful, intricately designed royal palaces, ruins and Buddhist temples, Thai cooking and Thai massage. Thailand is unique in another way that it has a temple dedicated to tigers and the monks of the temple look after the tiger from the moment they are born and provide them protection from poachers.
The nightlife and vice trade is another reason for which the country is well known. Among the 10 million people living in the country about 400,000 are estimated to be sex workers. A complicated background of social factors combined with poverty and the allure of money has caused prostitution to flourish in Thailand.

Bangkok by Night


Socio-Political Scenario

Thailand is witnessed abrupt changes in power and political tensions for quite some time now. On 19th September 2006 Thai coup took place in which the Royal Thai Army organized a coup against the then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. This took place after a year of political crisis in which Thaksin, his allies and political opponents were involved. The upcoming elections were cancelled by the military, constitution was abolished, parliament dissolved, cabinet members and protesters arrested. Several causes for organizing the coup was identified, the junta issued a white paper after two months of the coup, stating corruption, abuse of power, lack of integrity, interference in the checks and balance systems, human rights violations and destroying the unity of the people among the reasons for the coup. After removal of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra a new constitution was established and successful elections took place in 2007 but the political problem which paved the way for the coup still persists. In 2008, protesters against the new Prime Minister who was a brother-in-law of Mr. Thaksin had occupied government buildings and airports and the government was once again dissolved.

In 2010 prolonged riots occurred against the Democrat-Party led government from National United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) also known as the ‘Red-Shirts’. It forced the Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to dissolve parliament and hold elections before 2012. The country was making economic progress during Abhisit’s rule, but faced a strong opposition from ‘Red shirts’ and the former Prime Minister Mr. Thaksin. They claimed that the government was not democratic and demanded to reform the Thailand’s constitution adopted after the 2006 coup.
Yingluck Shinawatra, younger sister of Mr. Thaksin and a member of Pheu Thai Party was elected as the Prime Minister after 2011 elections and became Thailand’s first women Prime Minister and it’s youngest in over 60 years. On 7th May 2014 she was removed from power as the constitutional court found her guilty of abusing power. Since May 2014 Thailand is being ruled by the military junta, which has expressed its intentions of ruling the county till 2016.

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Your itinerary

On first day, you will be taken for a city tour of Bangkok, and in the evening, you will attend a social meet where you will get a chance to meet beautiful Thai women looking for American partners. Next day, you will go for a walking and Metro tour, showing you how you can travel around the city in Sky Train. This Skytrain connects most of the major Bangkok attractions, very quickly and easily. In the night, you will attend the next social meet where you will meet more Thai ladies. After that, you will be referred to some of the best nightclubs and restaurants in the city. Your hotel will be situated within walking distance from the city’s shopping district and most happening nightclubs. If you could not find a date for yourself in the two social meet, you can refer to the company’s catalog and find a date absolutely for free.

What else to enjoy in Thailand

  • Golfing: Some of the best golf courses in Asia are situated in Bangkok. They charge $50 on an average, and this will include personal Caddy as well. Your tee times will be reserved before your arrival, and you can either play alone or join a group to participate in a friendly golf tournament.

  • Shopping: Thailand shopping district is one of the biggest one in the world. Whether you are looking for clothing, jewelry, watches or local crafts, you will find all this and much more at discounted rates. Do not forget to have a day trip at the Floating Market of Bangkok.

What’s included in the accommodation

You will be given accommodation in one of the most sought after hotels in Bangkok located in the heart of the city. Your rooms will feature king-size bed, finest of linens, personal Jacuzzi, 42″ plasma TV, high speed Internet connectivity, refrigerator, electric hub, storage cabinet, microwave oven, etc.

While at a social meet, you will get your own complimentary interpreter, so that you do not find difficulty communicating with the partner of your choice. Call the tour operator by phone, and book your package at mere $1995.

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Why foreign men travel to Thailand to meet Thai women ?

Foreign men seek Thai women from Bangkok and Thailand to marry

Every year, plenty of foreign men travel to Thailand not only to explore the beautiful place, but also to meet and marry Thai women. The foreign men do not find love in their respective countries and they long for a partner who would understand them. In order to get rid of the loneliness, they sign up for the Thailand Romance Tours. It is found that a majority of the foreign men are divorced and feel rejected by women of their own countries. Therefore, these men seek a traditional woman who would value a relationship.  Thai women are quite traditional and they highly prioritize marriage and relationships. Thus,  foreign men find their ideal match in the Thai women.

Thai girls for marriageNowadays, many foreign men use dating sites to chat and interact with Thai women. If a foreign man is serious about forming a relationship with a Thai woman, then he would make the efforts to know about her likes and dislikes, the culture of her country and her family. Thai women are generally not interested in casual dating. If they are chatting with you, they are actually looking for a meaningful relationship. Thai women are sincere and beautiful. The way they perceive love and relationships do not fail to impress many foreign men who are starved of love.

Thai romance tours exist to put single men in contact with single Thai womenIf a foreign man has a great online experience with a Thailand woman, then he would definitely sign up for a Thailand Romance Tour to meet beautiful Thai brides. There has been many cases where a foreign man got married to a Thai woman he dated for months in his first trip to Thailand. The marriage between a Thai woman and a foreign man is quite successful because the two of them can provide each other with their needs. The Thai women can provide a beautiful homely ambiance full of love and warmth for the foreign man. He on the other hand, can provide his wife with financial security and freedom.

Meet Thai Women Online

Meet Asian SinglesThai women are beautiful and grounded. They don’t carry an air of attitude around them and are very easy to talk to. However, since they give a lot of importance to their family, the foreign men should be interested not only in the Thai woman but also her family. It would be better if the foreign man learns a few phrases in Thai language. It would make her feel that he is truly interested in her.

Foreign men get a fulfilling and enriching life when they marry a Thai woman. They are valued and respected immensely by their Thai wives and life is no more a lonesome abode for them.

Meet Thai Girls in Bangkok Nightlife

Nightlife & Thai Girls

Beautiful single Thai girls seek men for marriageThe nightlife of Bangkok is hot and happening. Few people think that the nightlife of Bangkok is filthy and consists only of bad karaoke. This is nothing but a clichéd belief that has been ingrained in the minds of people. However, when you look beyond the clichés, you would see that Bangkok is one of the most rocking cities in Asia. The nightlife of Bangkok is so amazing that it can make all the party lovers fall in love with this city.

There are various things that you can do when you are spending a night at Bangkok. You can hang out with your friends in the bars and pubs of Bangkok. You can dance with your friends to the rocking retro beats or you can catch a show of a live band performing. Whatever you choose to do, you would have a wonderful time in Bangkok.

Finding a Thai Girlfriend in Bangkok Nightclubs

Online Thai girls – Dating websites - bangkok nightlife
Meet Thai Girls in Bangkok

Thee two most happening and old nightlife venues are Bed Supperclub and Q Bar. The Bed Supperclub comprises a restaurant, a lounge and an adjoining nightclub. It provides a great ambiance for all the party lovers. The beautiful themed music attracts plenty of people here. Some great performances that take place here occasionally also make this place a favorite among youngsters. After Bed Supperclub, Q Bar is also a great nightclub. The professional and skilled DJs in Q Bar will give you a rocking experience. The superb ambiance of Q Bar attracts plenty of tourists.

Apart from the beautiful environment that you would get at these two nightlife venues, the food available here is also delicious.

Places in Bangkok to dance around

bangkok-nightlifeIf you are the kind of person for whom nightlife means hitting the dance floor or expending all your energy, then Bangkok is the perfect city for you. The several nightclubs that you would find along the Royal City Avenue provide youngsters a perfect opportunity to dance around.

The best nightclub is Route 66. The diverse music that is played here allows the youngsters to dance crazily. Flix has different rooms for different types of music such as hip-hop, trance and house. However, the youngsters become the happiest people when a live band performs in these nightclubs as they can dance to their heart’s content with live music. The LED nightclub is also gaining popularity these days.

Best place to have a beer

beer-puns-bangkok-thailandIf you would prefer to have an icy glass of beer, then the Irish and British pubs such as The Dubliner, The Londoner or Durty Nelly’s would be the ideal place for you. There is also House of Beers for the sophisticated and classy people.

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Best time to visit Thailand – Thailand Romance Tours

Thai bridesThailand is definitely one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Asia. The happening nightlife and the beautiful beaches of Thailand attract plenty of travel enthusiasts every year. If you want to visit Thailand, you must know the ideal time to visit the country so that you can enjoy a lot. It is better to avoid the time from July to October as the rainy season in Thailand may spoil your plans. Thailand has a beautiful weather throughout the year. However, the summer season can be a little uncomfortable as the temperature is quite high then. The best time to visit Thailand is during November to February as the weather is cool and pleasant. Since Thailand boasts of diverse landscapes, you would have something exclusive to see there in whichever season you go to Thailand.

Bangkok city
Bangkok city

Seasons of Thailand

There are three basic seasons in Thailand: summer season, rainy season and winter season. However, the southern region of Thailand lacks the winter season.

Here is a summary of the seasons in various regions of Thailand

Central and Eastern Thailand: In Central and Eastern Thailand, the summer season starts from the middle of February and continues till April. The most extreme temperature is observed during the month of April when the temperature elevates to 40 degree centigrade. The summer season is really uncomfortable for Europeans who are not accustomed to such high temperature. The winter commences from the middle of November and continues till the middle of February. This is generally the most pleasant time to visit Thailand for most foreigners. In Central and Eastern Thailand, the rainy season starts from the middle of May and lasts till October. The rain is violent and frequent during that time. If you want to visit the beaches of Pattaya, Koh Chang and Rayong which are located in Eastern Thailand, then you should go there during the winter season and strictly avoid the rainy season.


Thailand romance tours

Northern and North Eastern Thailand

The seasons noticed in Northern and North Eastern Thailand is almost similar to that of the seasons observed in Central and Eastern Thailand. However, the winter in Northern and North Eastern Thailand is cooler. Since these are the mountainous and hilly regions, the temperature sometimes drops down to zero degree centigrade. The blooming flowers and the dry climate, however, make it the best time to visit these places. The foggy weather and the mist-laden mountains provide a pleasant sight. The Songkran Festival that takes place in April where people throws water at each other makes April a perfect month for visiting this region of Thailand.

Southern Thailand

There are only two seasons found in Southern Thailand: summer season and rainy season. It is better to visit places of Southern Thailand such as Phuket and Krabi during November to April as the weather is pleasant during that time. It is better to avoid visiting these places in monsoon. It is difficult to visit the islands by boat during the monsoon season.

Temple in Thailand

After knowing about the seasons in various parts of Thailand, you must choose a proper time to visit Thailand. If you want to visit all the regions of Thailand, then the time between December to April would be ideal for your tour.

Thailand Marriage Tours

Thailand Dating Tours – Meet Thai brides in Thailand

Bangkok Thailand Romance TourThailand dating tours is gaining immense popularity these days. This is because foreign men find Asian women incredibly beautiful. Apart from being beautiful, Asian women are extremely loving and caring. The Asian women also have an unusual, mysterious aura which attracts foreign men to them. Apart from the gorgeous women of Bangkok, the beautiful locations of Bangkok also beckon people to visit it. Thailand dating tours provides the perfect opportunity for single men to explore a beautiful country and meet some stunning Thai women.

What are the facilities of Thailand romance tour ?

Thai women for marriageThe Thailand dating tours are not too expensive. They are affordable and some wonderful facilities can be obtained in these tours. The tour provides the facilities of two large Socials and unlimited, personal introductions which allows single men to meet plenty of Thai women. The wonderful Thai women whom you would meet on a Thailand dating tour are also looking for love and waiting for their prince charming. If a particular Thai woman catches your fancy at any of the Socials, you can ask her out for a date to know her better.

The main objective of this dating tour is to help a single man find true love while he is exploring a new country. The success rate of these tours is very high. Many foreign men find an ideal partner in a Thai woman and their relationship often elevates to marriage in most cases.

How can you win the heart of a Thai woman ?

Thai girls seek men for datingYou don’t have to work too hard to win the heart of a Thai woman. Since Thai women are very attached to their families, you can impress her by showing interest in her family. The dating tour would surely provide you with a personal interpreter, but it would be better if you learn the basics of the Thai language. You can impress her easily by using few Thai words or Thai phrases. A Thai woman would be extremely glad if she feels that you are genuinely trying to win her heart. Since Thai women are often sincere about a relationship, you need to provide her with the assurance that you love her. She won’t be comfortable if you flirt with many girls or talk to her about physical intimacy.

Why do you need to be careful ?

Romance Tours to Asia, China, Philippines & Thailand.You would definitely be having a great time in the Thailand Dating Tour but however, you need to be careful. It is true that most of the Thai women are sincere about relationship and marriage, but however there can be few women who are ogling at your money. Thus, you must run a brief background check of the woman who catches your fancy before getting too serious about her.

A Thailand dating tour will also provide you with some beautiful sightseeing opportunities. You must be charming at the Socials because that is where you would meet some of the most beautiful Thai women. You should be confident at the Socials and interact with the Thai women without being nervous. The beautiful beaches of Thailand would give you peace of mind and if you are lucky enough, you will meet the love of your life on this tour.

Thai Romance tours to meet Thai women

Thai Marriage Tours – Romance Tours to Thailand

Meet hundreds of beautiful Thai women looking for love and marriage on our 7 and 10 day Thailand toursForeign men are quite intrigued by Asian women. This is most probably because of the mysterious, caring and loving nature of the Asian women. If a man decides to date or marry an Asian woman, then a romantic tour is the ideal thing for him. He can explore a new country and at the same time, he can meet some beautiful women. Many men go for a romantic tour to Thailand every year to meet the fascinating Thai women.

Romantic tours to Thailand

Romantic tours to Thailand are quite affordable. You can find some great facilities in the romance tours arranged by Thailand romance tours. These romantic tours are designed in such a way so that interested single men can interact with single and beautiful Thai women who are looking for their knight in shining armor. Uncountable personal introductions and two grand socials are included in these romantic tours so that you can interact with plenty of Thai women. The primary purpose of these tours is to establish a beautiful and sincere relationship between a foreign man and a Thai woman. Plenty of foreign men are interested in marrying a Thai woman and so these romantic tours are highly successful. After meeting many Thai women at the socials, you can ask the Thai woman for a date who has caught your fancy.

Meet women in Thailand

Winning heart by impressing a Thai woman

It is not too hard to impress a Thai woman. The Thai women have rich traditional values and are extremely family oriented. So if you show genuine interest in her family, she would be really touched. Though you will get personal interpreters in the socials, it would be better if you learn a few Thai praises to impress her. A Thai woman would be impressed by the fact that you are making efforts to win her heart. Thai women expect loyalty and sincerity in a relationship. If you can assure her that you will love her and protect her all your life, she would be greatly impressed. Be a gentleman and do not be aggressive. Impress her with your calm demeanor.

Be charming and romantic but also be careful

Thai women for marriageThe romance tours to Thailand will also provide you with a sightseeing tour. However, the socials are the most important aspect of these romantic tours. You should be confident and at your charming best in these socials. Plenty of Thai women would attend these socials. They are waiting for an ideal life partner. Do not keep inhibitions and mingle with the women freely in these socials. Among the plenty of Thai women that you would meet, everyone’s not going to be honest with you. Take your time to figure out who is sincere and looking for a long-term relationship. Though most of the Thai women are looking for marriage, there may be some who are looking for your money. Run a background check to avoid any problems in the future.

Once you are sure about the woman who has caught your fancy, you can spend time with her in the beautiful beaches or in the hottest nightclubs of Thailand. You can also take her to shopping and spoil her with gifts. It is a wonderful idea to go on a romantic tour to meet the lovely Thai women.