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3 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    Has anyone ever participated in a romance tour with A Foreign Affair in:

    Ukraine [2]


    Bangkok, Thailand



    Dominican Republic

    Costa Rica


    If so, could you comment on your experiences? In general, how have you felt about these women? Not much else?

  2. zig says:

    I am just able to provide insights regarding Thailand and the Philippines. I am not acquainted with or have any prior knowledge of a China tour.

    Simply buy an airline ticket and find a hotel or, if you have more time, rent a room upon your arrival, such as in Pattaya or Cebu. Afterwards, stroll around and engage in conversation with local women.

    With a swift Philippine Airways connection to Cebu, it is simple and inexpensive to travel between Pattaya and Cebu. By doing so, you can explore both countries, which are quite distinct from one another. It essentially depends on the amount of time you have.

    Concerning which country it is, the behavior of American men upon their arrival in Asia is the greater issue in my opinion. As soon as they encounter a different way of life for the first occasion in their lives, they start grumbling that everything is so much more convenient in the United States.

  3. a single guy says:

    A trip to Thailand on “A Foreign Affair” costs approximately $3500, excluding the major expenses. A Foreign Affair is an expensive romance tour company, but it has received rave reviews on anti-fraud websites, so I am confident that it is reputable. There are additional websites where travel to China, Colombia, etc. costs $4000, including ALL….

    Nonetheless, this is costly, in my opinion. Another company offers romance tours to the Philippines at a discounted rate of two for one (or $800 each if a companion is brought along), but I will not recommend them because they cheated out of money on several individuals.

    I once went on a romance tour to Bangkok, and I found a local office. His initial fee for your tour was $600, and if you were a returning customer, it was reduced to $475. I recall that many Thai women were exquisitely beautiful, kind, and sweet, but they were extremely poor. Truly disheartening was the fact that certain women arrived an hour prior to the start of the night social in an attempt to gain an advantage over the other girls. Ten to twenty percent of the attendees appeared to be gold diggers, but the remainder appeared to be extremely sincere.

    I hope that some of you have participated in the romance tours; they are a great deal of fun. Who knows, but I believe the ones in Asia are superior. A gentleman I met on a romance tour to Cebu stated that the Philippines offers the best romance tours due to the country’s 100-to-8 female-to-male ratio. In the Asian dating tours I have attended, the female-to-male ratio was ten to one.

    Regardless, I shall remain updated regarding these tours.