Do Thai Mail Order Brides speak English ?

Do Single Thai girls speak good English?

Thai Brides - Mail order brides from ThailandWhenever we visit Thailand, we see trained Thai girls and boys speaking fluent and error-free English. But the real question that comes to mind is these Thai girls so good at English? Primarily, Thai girls working in the tourist areas are trained in English to deal with English-speaking customers. In reality, only English-speaking Thai’s get jobs in the tourist areas. Despite having an English-speaking environment in schools and colleges, Thai had no excellent command of the English language earlier. However, the scenario has changed now.

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Why was the English language inadequate for Thai girls? The reason for this may be that, Firstly, Thai people might have been good at English, but they were too shy to speak in the language to the foreigners. They might have been scared to speak in English since they were not good at it or wanted to promote their Thai language. Imagine taking cooking lessons but never getting a chance to practice cooking. Sounds awkward, right? The same was the problem with these Thai people; they have never got a chance to test their skills practically. Secondly, another reason may be that they didn’t get enough practice to speak good English. Lack of opportunities to talk about the language in a normal conversation may be another reason Thai girls didn’t speak English well despite good schooling.

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Thai Women For Dating - Thai Women Seek Love & Marriage‎“Practice makes a man perfect.” Learning a foreign language becomes problematic if we don’t use it in our everyday conversation. Memorizing English words for long hours will not help till we talk to anyone in the second language. When we speak to someone in a foreign language, it helps a lot. Because of frequent conversation with foreign tourists, now Thai girls are improving a lot as far as English speaking is concerned. After knowing the art of speaking English, Thai girls are now more confident. They do a lot of practice to improve their English in Thailand. Learning a foreign language takes a lot of courage as well as time. Only a few can have a firm command over the second language despite long lessons. It’s always a bumpy road, even for a person with strong motivation to succeed. Now, there are many English speak Thai women and men who are good at it. Even Thai girls are coming forward for online dating with English-speaking guys, which shows marked improvement, and this is because of the hard-working nature of the Thai girls. They are real gems.

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