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Meet Thai Women on a Romance Tour to Thailand

Bangkok welcomes all with open arms. The capital of Thailand is popular for various things, its nightlife, its cuisine, the river, and of course, Thai ladies. Bangkok is famous for having the largest number of Thai women looking for foreign men (farang). Men from the USA as well as the western countries like UK, Australia and Canada flock to Bangkok every year. To them, Bangkok stands for everything magical, romantic, and leisurely. It is the paradise everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. Men who have visited this Tropical Paradise always share enchanting stories that make others long to visit it too.

Bangkok – a city beyond your expectation

Bangkok is a lively city. With fun and adventure at every corner, the city would never cease to excite you. The white sandy beaches and the tourist destinations keep the tourists busy. We must mention the Thai girls who look absolutely exotic with their warm smiles and gorgeous looks. Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles and the warm and welcoming smiles flashed by the beautiful Thai girls are a testimony to it.

Thailand has several magnificent cities but Bangkok is its jewel. It has the largest number of Thai women who are pretty, educated, and modern. They are sophisticated, well conversant with the western lifestyle and still carrying the traditional Thai values that make them loyal and faithful partners.

Thai women are feminine. They are clear about what they want. Being a good wife and mother comes to them naturally. Thai ladies are proud of their traditional upbringing and take every effort to keep their husbands happy.

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Fall in love with beautiful Bangkok women

Bangkok women datingBangkok women are fascinating. Bangkok girls & women are not only beautiful but also sweet and warm. They have high regard for the family. To them, their husband and children come first. Their greatest power is that they can love without any apprehension. They care about their family and can do anything for it. They are ideal as partners and wives.
For a Bangkok woman, the relationship is most important. Thai women cherish it and make it work. The traditional Thai society has instilled certain values in them which make the girls give so much importance to their marriage and family.

However, they know how to enjoy life also. They are fun loving and full of life. They are free in spirit and great to spend time with.

Bangkok women stand apart from other Asian girls. They are independent and ambitious. Being thorough professionals, they set goals and achieve them with all their might. They are serious about their money and career but give more priority to the relationships. Thus, family and husband come first to them.

Bangkok women work hard to forge a strong bond with their families. They give respect and love unconditionally. This trait makes them dear to all men. Choosing a Bangkok woman as a life partner is a good decision that you would cherish throughout your life.

Meet beautiful Bangkok women and choose your future life partner. Unlock doors to an exciting life full of love and fun.

Find the most beautiful Bangkok women

You can browse our “Thai Brides” site to find the most beautiful Bangkok women waiting for you. Pretty and young, single Bangkok women are looking for men outside their country. They seek a loving relationship with a loyal man. Single Bangkok women look for only stable relationships as they want to lead a happy married life with their partners.

Come and join us on a Romance Tour to Thailand. This can be a life-changing experience as you would be visiting one of the most fascinating countries in the world and meet its stunning Thai women. Our Singles Tours ensure that you come in contact with beautiful and dazzling Thailand ladies who are looking for a long-term commitment in their lives. With our extensive experience in conducting Singles Tour, we make sure that you meet a large number of women so that you can take the best decision.

We also take care of your trust and security. All the ladies who register with us for such tours go through a verification process. Only when we are satisfied with their responses we include them in our program.

To make your Thai romance tours wholesome, we offer a variety of services, keeping in mind your preferences and comfort level. Thus, you would travel in coach transport from the hotel to the different sightseeing destinations and enjoy finest accommodations along with complimentary breakfasts. Our services also include interpreters at the social gatherings with personal introduction sessions to make you feel comfortable.

Register yourself with our Romance Tour of Thailand and find your soulmate. This could be the best singles tour of your life wherein you would meet your dream woman and spend the rest of your life in happiness and love. Join Thai Brides Online today and seek the love that you deserve.

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Meet Sexy Bangkok Girls in Thailand – Thai Brides

Bangkok girls – find the most beautiful girls

Bangkok streetsIt’s the tourists’ paradise. It is perhaps the most famous city in Asia which attracts thousands of visitors every year. The city marvels with its serene shrines and most happening street life. Yes, you can call it the city of contrasts also with its varying and contrasting attractions. If you are still wondering, we are talking about Bangkok, the capital and most populous city of Thailand.

Bangkok – the way it allures you

There are lots of things to do in Bangkok. You can visit the ancient shrines or shop around, you can go for boat cruises or try the exotic Thai cuisine. Spending a day at the Grand Palace would enamor you while an evening at the iconic bars would make your life exciting. However, all these can get more exciting and memorable if you have a Bangkok girlfriend by your side.

Bangkok women – why you need to date them

Beautiful girlBangkok is known for its women. Period. They are the prime reason why western males flock to this city. Bangkok is a cosmopolitan with all the modern amenities. It is a city that blends its rich past with advanced technology to create a memorable experience for all the visitors.

This cosmopolitan is also the home to most beautiful Thai girls. Bangkok girls are gorgeous, modern, lovable and unique with their strong and affable personalities. In fact, it is true that most men visit Bangkok just to meet the incredible women from Bangkok. Being modern, educated and exposed to western culture, the ladies from Bangkok are preferred by foreign guys for dating. Most foreign marriages that happen in Thailand are between western males and Bangkok girls. These girls have imbibed the teachings of Buddha which have made them patient, respectful and decent. They value family and relationships and work hard to create a harmonious family life.

In Thailand, the people follow a traditional lifestyle. Thai women value the family ties and respect the elders. The parents play a strong role in the lives of their children. The tradition and culture of the country teach the people to be respectful. Naturally, the women also learn these things from the childhood. They love unconditionally, consider loyalty as a great virtue and don’t run after material gains.
Bangkok is a populous city. It is the best place to date Thai girls as there are thousands of young Thai girls who are also looking for partners. Coming from different backgrounds and with different levels of education, it would be intriguing to meet so many Thai girls and choose your girlfriend amongst them.

Thai brides

One word of caution here. The women of Thailand who are from good families look for stable relationships. If you have one-night stands in mind, these women won’t fit your bill. It would be better if you try bar girls and hookers.

You would find women of different ages in Bangkok. Some are as young as college goers and others old enough to settle down with someone. The college-going girls are mostly interested in fun. They look for adventure in their love life and hence date foreign guys. The women belonging to higher age group can be married also with kids. It is difficult to remarry in Thailand if you have kids and hence these women search for foreign grooms. So, while looking for potential dates, keep your preferences and needs in mind.

Thai girlDon’t get involved with the wrong woman and bring pain in your life. The ideal situation would be to meet lots and lots of women and choose the right one for yourself.
Remember one thing. The Thai women may wear modern clothes and party and drink, but at heart, they are traditional and look for partners with whom they can settle down in life. They still believe in the institution of marriage.

With a Thai girlfriend, you would get everything you look for in your partner. While Thai ladies score high in the looks and sex appeal department, they also make good wives with their intelligence, dedication, and a loving heart.

Their capacity to love makes them ideal partners. They always look after their family and make sure that everyone is satisfied.

Thai girls – the ideal partners

Thai wives bring stability into the lives of their partners. Thailand women possess wisdom and maturity you need to create a happy home. They know how to love and respect others. Their tradition teaches them to be loyal. To a Thai woman, trust and love are synonymous. They are faithful and consider cheating a crime.

There are sites through which you can choose Bangkok women for dating. Browse the profiles and find the right girl for yourself. If you visit Bangkok, look for girls at the shopping malls, restaurants and cafes. You would meet young and vivacious girls who would like to talk to you too. Dating a Bangkok girl is a memorable experience. Don’t miss this chance to find your partner.

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Getting Married in Thailand

About a Thailand Marriage

thai-bridesThe trend of marrying the Thai girls is growing rapidly among the men of many foreign countries, mostly from the western nations. It’s not that all of them have visited Thailand or have met any girl of Thai nationality in their own country. They get the vital information about the Thailand marriage and the chances of knowing the Thai girls, from the designated dating sites that provide many profiles of the marriageable Thai women, who are interested for marrying the men from any foreign land.

The foreigners prefer Thai women as their wives, due to the physical beauty of these cheerful Thai girls, as well as their amicable nature and their faith on the institution of marriage, which ensures life-long relationship with the Thai wives. Most of these Thai girls possess pure minds, which are as clean, as their shiny and spotless skins. Hence, they never hide anything from their partners, when they become involved in a relationship with any foreigner. Their reverence for their traditional customs and the family-oriented cultures make them so sincerely devoted to their own families and also to their extended families, after their marriage with the men from other lands.

Eligibility criteria in case of a marriage in Thailand

As per the laws and the customs of the country, there are some vital requirements for any Thailand marriage, which are essential for getting the wedding knot to be legally certified.

  • Both the bride and the groom should be adults, as per the laws of their respective countries; i.e. the bride should be above 17 years of age, according to Thai customs.
  • Both the marriageable partners should have sound mental health, which should be proved with a medical certificate.getting-married-thailandBoth the partners should be without any spouse, at the time of their marriage. It means the Thai bride and the foreigner groom should be either single, divorced or widowed, when they decide to get married to each other. If the Thai woman had married earlier, she can remarry only a year after the annulment of her first marriage or the death of her previous husband. She should also obtain permission for remarrying, from the local court of law. She should provide valid legal proof of her divorce or the death of her previous husband.
  • Each foreigner man should provide the copy of his valid passport, an affidavit from the Embassy of his own country that clearly confirms his present marital status, along with a translated copy of that affidavit that should be translated to Thai language by a certified translator of the Foreign Ministry.
  • Each marriage should be registered in Thailand, to get legalized all over the country. Here, the bride and the groom should officially give their consent for their marriage in written, over a typed form, which needs to be duly signed by both the partners. The marriage has to be recorded and signed by a Register, who presides over the proceedings of the marriage, on behalf of the legal cell of the country. The guardians of the new couple and two more witnesses should sign the registration form as well, to show their support for this marriage. Once the registration process is complete, it cannot be cancelled without further complex legal procedures for divorce.
  • Every foreigner man should stay in Thailand for at least four working days, before marrying a local Thai girl, so that he can become a bit accustomed with this amazing land.

Though apparently this marriage procedure with a Thai girl seems to be a bit complicated, the foreigners never mind it much, as they are more interested in having beautiful and pleasant Thai wives for themselves and getting stable and enjoyable marital life.

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Meet the most beautiful Thai women – Thai brides – Hundreds of photos and profiles of Thai women seeking romance, love and marriage.

Why White men Prefer Asian women ?

White men love Asian women

Beautiful Asian Women searching for Love and Romance.The topic of this article is a fact and a well-established one. If you ask about the “fantasy woman” of many white men, their answer would be an Asian woman. There are many reasons as to why they want to date an Asian woman and while some of them are downright illogical, there are others that truly make sense. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and this is particularly true when it comes to Asian women and dating. There are some American men that find Asian women very less appealing and there are others who completely worship them. Western women on the other hand are mostly repelled by the idea of Asian women and we can understand why the competition brings hatred. Many Asian women have stolen the hearts of white men and the reasons are vague to the understanding of white women.

What is it about Asian women that make them the best choice for dating ?

Asian women and their qualities

Women from Asia seeking men online for love and marriage. Thai brides, Chinese brides, Filipina Brides. Find your Asian mail order here.First, it is the appearance. Appearance truly does have a huge say in dating life. When a woman is well groomed and appears to be beautiful all day, a man can understand that she takes care of herself and that her confidence is very important to her. A woman who takes care of herself also loves taking care of people she loves and a confident woman has an aura of positivity that attracts everyone. Asian woman are quite optimistic and that can be seen with their smiles.

They have well-built and petite bodies and this is a huge attraction compared to American woman’s when it comes to the eyes of white men. Besides, Asian women don’t starve themselves to get that killer body. They are blessed with a metabolism that makes it easier for them to have a slim body. White women are either too skinny or too obese. The middle category is often achieved with strict diets and mostly starving. Anorexia is more common in western countries than in Asian countries. Imagine going out on a date with a western woman who is too picky about the menu and orders just a salad. Men love watching women eat to their heart’s content and there is no explanation as to why they love it.

Asian women eat as much as they love and it is a delight to see them not starving themselves because they want to keep their body slim. Women from Asian countries also have a set of rules that they follow when they are dating and irrespective which country your Asian woman is from, you ought to know these rules. The general rules that every Asian women adhere to are:

  • Why do some Asian girls like white men ?Takes initiative: They like it when their man takes initiative for everything. This tells them that you like to be with them and shows them how much you care about spending time together. Dating a white woman comes with equal responsibilities and opinions. Sometimes these opinions could be strong and can make your choices fell thin. But with an Asian woman, you are always the one that makes the decision. They are used to seeing men take point in everything and for them, it is a trait of an attractive man. So next time you want to hang out with an Asian woman or take your Asian girlfriend for dinner, be the first one to come up with the idea.
  • Loves to commit: When an Asian woman is truly into you, there is no looking back for her. White woman like to weigh their options a little bit and see for a longer time if you are the right one for you. That involves a lot of talking with her friends and a lot of analysis. Mostly when they like you, they are not the first ones to say it to you. With an Asian woman, this is pretty simple. If she likes you, she is with you. If she loves you, she makes sure you know it. If you are not her type then she will make sure that you know that too.
  • love-heart-romanceRelationship first: Asian women put their relationship first before everything and this is a trait that makes them more attractive. When a woman puts her relationship first, it is a sign of a healthy dating life and a relationship where arguments become less. American women put their careers and their personal preferences first when the dating period is still young. But Asian women, no matter how short or long their relationship is, makes sure that she does not compromise her relationship for anything.
  • Family love: She loves her family and she loves the idea of a family. When you get married, even if your mother is plain horrible to her, she will never be the woman that would ask you to stop visiting your mother. Instead, she tries to be the woman that makes it alright. She will try it with all her heart and that kind of effort is something that you cannot find in a white woman. When you give her a family of her own, she makes sure that she is always available for them.

Asian-American interracial marriage

There are a lot of successful Asian American marriages. One such marriage is the marriage of Dan and Lia. After dating for over 2 years, the couple tied the knot and it has been 11 years and there has been no looking behind.

Asian American - Interracial marriages“I was 25 years old and I was in a happy place. I had a girlfriend who I loved very much and I had the best circle of friends. My girlfriend and I were always eyed jealously by our friends because we had a great thing going on.
I don’t know if I jinxed it or if I was too blind to see that she was not compatible with me, but we broke after dating for a year and a half. That way I lost a lot of friends because they took sides. The main reason we broke up was because we had a lot of differences and we didn’t know how to get over it.

The breakup wasn’t smooth. It was quite ugly. We were living together and she would come home from work and not even look at me. I felt voiceless in the relationship because I was constantly giving in to her pleas and her side of the story. There were never two ways to an issue. It was always her way. I met Lia when I was still in a relationship. She was a teacher and she worked part time in a cafe that I visit everyday. She was always nice to me and I thought it was because she was a waitress until we met outside the cafe. She caught me in a moment of weakness and I opened up to her about my girlfriend. She listened to my side and she was always listening. She soon became a friend and later I realized that I was missing out on what I deserved by dating someone who I thought I deserved.

I waited for about 6 months before asking Lia out. Ever since, there has been no looking back. I am happy that I bought that first latte from her.

Sex in Thailand

Meet a Thai Bar Girl for Sex

A Thai RomanceMany western and European men travel to Thailand often for “relaxation”. The main reasons why Thailand is a famous place for meeting and hooking up with women is because of the cost and also because of the abundant number of women willing to sleep with you. Very few men actually visit Thailand for its scenery and to enjoy the beaches. Most of them visit Thailand to meet and hook up with Thai women. One night stands are pretty common here and so are hookers. One just has to go to a bar or a club to meet Thai girls for the night.

Thai women for sex

Find Sexy Thai Women, Thai Girls and Thai ladiesThere are many categories when it comes to Thai women who want to have sex with you for money. There are bargirls, there are massage girls and then there are freelance strippers and hookers. Assuming that you have come to Thailand for solely entertaining yourself, you can choose one or more women per day. You will have to spend anywhere between 1000 to 4000 baht to these Thai women.

First, there are massage girls. You can find them in massage parlours all over Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok etc. These women offer massages and sex for less than 2000 baht. There are freelance strippers and hookers and they offer pretty much the same price. Bar girls can be approached in bars and clubs and can be hired for their service within the club. For that, you need to pay a barfine and the cost is shared by the thai woman and the bar. So it is almost like the girls hook up in clubs which are agencies for their services.

The difference between freelance strippers and bar girls is that, a freelance stripper’s pay goes solely to her. Besides, she is more than willing to come to your place and have sex with you. A bargirl on the other hand charges differently for sex in a club and sex in your hotel room or apartment. Besides, freelance strippers always come with a risk of stealing.

Thai hookers and stealing

Tips for meeting Thai ladies – women in ThailandIf you are going to a club to meet a Thai woman and have sex with her, then you need to worry about your wallet and your credit cards. But if you are going to take the bar girl back to your place, then you need to worry about almost everything in the room. Freelance strippers and bar girls are very notorious that way. They can steal your belongings and disappear in seconds after they finish having sex with you. There will be no way for you to track them down because you don’t know the streets of Thailand as well as they do and even if you do, you cannot singularly find her.

A bar girl however does not steal because you can always track her back to her club. Then again, why take the risk when you can be careful. You can take them to small inns and hotels that charge on hourly basis. These are spread all over Thailand and finding one such hotel to have sex with a thai woman is pretty easy.

Don’t mix it with feelings

If you are having sex with the same woman for almost the whole of your trip, then chances are, you will think that she is attracted to you. Remember, they are always paid to be nice to you. And as long as the gifts and the free dinners keep coming, they will keep smiling and show affection. Many foreigners who have lived in Thailand often mock travellers that walk down the street holding hands with a hooker. They know that this is all part of their game while you keep thinking that you have won her heart.

If you genuinely want to fall in love with a thai woman, go for someone who does not work in bars and massage parlours. Once you get a hold of the dating scene in Thailand you will know that there are a lot of women that are pretty good to know about and some of them can even change the way you look at life.

How clean are they ?

Thailand has a significantly high ratio for sexually transmitted diseases. So if you are hooking up with a Thai bargirl then you need to buy condoms. There are many incidents where men have fallen in love with bar girls and thought she loves them too. Later, they all just faced heartbreak. In that period, they tend to hook up without protection and till date, they live with the fear that they might get HIV. Even if it is incredibly hard to get a condom, which it is not, always remember that you never know how many ‘customers’ the bar girl has dealt with. Hence it is safe to be protected than to be risked.

The Best Online Dating Sites To Meet Thai Girls

The Best Places to Meet Thai Women

Ways to meet Thai women

Meet Beautiful Thai Girls for MarriageThailand is the land of beautiful women and there are many western and European men that fly to Thailand to meet these Asian beauties. Their petite figures and gorgeous smiles are something that is not so common in many western and European countries. Besides, thai women are easy to meet and easy to become friends with. However, many trips made by men of the western countries to Thailand are mainly because they want to have some fun. Thailand can offer fun in the form of women in several ways. While most of them are costly, there are some tips to meet women without spending so much money on them.

Before you set out to meet these women you should know that a certain thing called thai Lady boys exist. These are, well, boys who then became girls. They dress up like women and some of them have very bold dress choices. You will be surprised that these lady boys are actually a lot more attractive compared to Thai women. But if your search is for a woman, a lady boy is not something you would be after. Read on to know about how you can identify a lady boy.

Kathoey or LadyboyLadyboys are very common in Thailand than in other countries. This is because; the whole business of prostitution is pretty common in Thailand. You will meet hookers almost everywhere and there are 50% chances that the attractive hooker you have been eyeing on is a Thai lady boy. Lady boys are generally taller than the average Thai woman. They have different voices, voices that don’t sound all the feminine. Lady boys are more attracted to men compared to actual thai hookers. A lady boy believes in looking more feminine. This in turn makes them dress up like they are from a fashion show even when they are on the streets.

Now that you know what lady boys are, lets move on to know about actual thai women. Thai women for sex can be approached in the following ways.

The Local Bar

Bar girls are paid to entertain clients every day and you can choose where you want to meet them. Most of the bar girls are paid around 3000 baht and half of it goes to their bar or owners. For example if you pay a bar girl around 2500 baht, then she will give about 1000 baht to her bar owner. The local bar is a good place to meet thai women for sex. Since it is a business-like approach, you will find it very useful if your entire trip is based on that.

Pattaya Bar Girls in ThailandChoosing a bar for your whole trip is an experience that you should decide on very carefully. If you are dating someone at the time, be it from a western country or from a travel dating website, it is a bad idea to show up at these bars because the very atmosphere of the bar can put your date’s mood out. Similarly, for men that want to make the most out of Thailand, if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks then you can experience a whole new level of satisfaction from local bars.

Freelance Hookers

Prostitution in Thailand - Thai HookersThis is a concept that seems to be widely distributed among the whole of Thailand. A freelance hooker is pretty much the same thing as a bar girl or a massage girl, except for she does not work under anyone else. It is easy to get in touch with a hooker, you can meet them in bars too and the minute you get talking to them, you will know if they are their own person or if they have some sort of an agent. Freelance hookers are less trouble when it is based on money but the only problem is most of them don’t deal with their clients in their own place.

When you take them to your place for the night, there is always the risk of theft and to be honest, Thai hookers have very bad cleaning and hygiene habits. They leave the whole place as a mess, often with cigarettes and cheap liquor.

Thai Dating Sites

The Best Dating Sites in ThailandThe most cost effective way of meeting thai women for sex is through dating sites. You have to pay very little to access these dating sites and the women on these sites too are average to moderately priced. As far as safety is concerned, that is up to your own risk, just like opting for a bar girl or a massage girl. Besides, some of them are willing to have sex with men just after he has bought them dinner at a decent restaurant. This is always one of the best methods to find women to have sex with in Thailand. This is also one of the safest ways for western men to find thai women.

Meet find beautiful Thai Girls for Dating. Thailand women from Thailand for marriage, friendship, fun, romance, holiday, dating.

Do Thai ladies prefer to Date older guys ?

Do Single Thai women prefer to Date older men ?

Thai women are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women you can ever come across. Their petite figure and their features not to mention their brilliant smiles, are all reasons that make men fall madly in love with them. Western men find these qualities of Thai women to be exotic while Thai men find their own women very average.

Thai women are not only good at looks, they are also exceptionally good human beings. There are a few characteristics in which they are better than western women.

Western women vs. Thai women

western-woman-fatWestern women hold their independence higher than their relationships and their family lives. The western woman has been liberated and the liberated woman does not want to fit in to the norms of a family life, if it is going to affect her social and career life. While this independency is something that makes them more unique, it is somewhat threatening to a relationship.
American women tend to put everything behind them and as a result, you end up compromising more. Though equality is what they talk about, you will feel neglected. Although it is purely innocent of them, you may see many American men that are unhappy because of the relationships that they have.

thai-woman-like-western-menAnother case here is, as independent as they are, some of them are too clingy. They depend on you for emotional support and sometimes financially. This type of woman is literally the one that sucks all the light right out of your life. When they need real help, you need to stay clear of them so that your life is perfect. Heard of the unfortunate tales of toxic relationships? Well that includes this type.
American women are either too independent or too clingy. Thai women here are like neutrons. They are neutral. They don’t value their independence if it means that they have to give up on their relationship a little. Thailand women are brought up with values that teach them that the most important thing a woman can ever ask for is her family.

American women tend to have a positive aspect while also having a very negative side to their character. When their partners are low, they are happy to help, but when they see that their partner is not ready to move on yet, they give up angry.
Thai women on the other hand love you and respect you no matter what. She is the kind of woman that will try to treat you with love and care so that you will get all the emotional support that you need from her, with her loving tendency. A Thai woman will change your life in a way that will make you happy and your relationship vibrant.

Do young Thai women prefer older Western men for Marriage ?

thai-womenYes they do. Thai women see older and middle aged men as partners that offer them security and stability. They are not gold diggers like most of the women in other countries who prefer older men. They like the fact that men are more matured and appreciate them when they are older.

Besides, unlike other ages, the middle aged man is sincere about his relationship and does not jump from one woman to another. This is a trait that these women love so much, that they are willing to marry a man even if the age is twice more than theirs.

Older men are more sincere and know things better. Their experience would have taught them more than how much younger men know and as a result they are soft, polite and very much loving. We are talking about genuine love here. Moreover, older men are already settled and hence Thai women have the stability that their relationship needs.
So what if you are older? Doesn’t mean you can’t date. For all you know, you will be the magnet when you are in Thailand.

Date Thai women online – Find Thailand women

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Why Western men want to marry a Filipina woman ?

Why western men marry Filipino women ?

Lovely Philippine women for marriage and datingPhilippine women and American men combination of dating has become quite common these days. The reason behind this is mainly the admirable qualities of Filipinos that attract many western men. Besides, these qualities are something that is quite hard for them to spot among their fellow American women.

Filipino women are firstly very attractive beings. Their appearance is something that lures men into dating them. Their character and their behaviour is something that makes men want to commit in a loving relationship with them. After a while of international dating, generally, men who date Filipina women tend to think of her as the most perfect woman to begin a family with, mainly because of her values.

Though the order mostly goes in this way, what are all those ‘admirable’ qualities of Filipino women that lure American men into falling in love with them?

Philippine women are smart

Philippine ladies looking for men to marryFilipina women are smart. They are smart by words and they are also smart by books. Filipina women consider education as something that denotes where they stand in the society. While there are many Filipina women that haven’t had their best in a formal education, you will never find a single Filipina woman that hasn’t read a word in her life, nor has not attended school.

Philippine women are loving

Filipina women value their relationships. Not only the relationships with their partners, but generally any relationship. This makes them really good women to start a family with. They are women that understand the needs of the family and put their needs behind to fulfil their family’s requirements.

Marry a kind Philippine woman

Philippine women for seriuos relationshipFilipino women are gentle and kind. They are amicable and are one of the easiest people to talk to. With an American woman, a man has to worry about what to tell and what not to tell. The American woman is a lot more judgmental than a Filipina woman. Because of this, many men feel intimidated and out of their comfort zone, so much that even if they are wonderful people, they still can’t prove their point because they already had their chance.

Filipino women on the other hand are ready to listen to what the other person has to say and are never the ones that refrain from giving the benefit of the doubt. Hence, you know that with a Filipina woman, it is easy to be your best, because she has the attitude that brings out your best.

Now while these are three things that spark the interest about a Filipina woman in the mind of a western man, here is what makes them Marriage material:

  • tender-teddy-bearPriorities: Filipina women have their priorities set straight and there is no way you can find fault with that. They respect their family life more, even if that means giving up their dreams. In the society of the Philippines, marriage is considered pretty seriously and tampering with it in any way is very unacceptable. Besides, a Filipina woman who is divorced or separated does not have a good reputation. From what they have been thought, Filipino women have a lot of respect for their married life and their husbands and will never compromise on that for anything
  • Polite: A Filipina knows that raising her voice and speaking or arguing is disrespect and hence never does that. Moreover, she thinks of her household as the place where her relationship thrives and because of this, she is always keen on doing things that keep her house in the best shape.
  • Religious: The only country that follows Christianity in Asia, Filipino women are Roman Catholic and are very religious. She will raise her children more religiously than you ever would. Don’t be shocked if she is into visiting churches every week.
  • Positivity: Filipinos have a great smile. Their smile is genuine and full of positivity. When her man is low, she gives him the support that he needs so that he can get back on his feet. This kind of positive energy is something that you need in your life.

Marrying a Filipina for these reasons is quite common among western men. With all these beautiful traits, we can’t really blame them.

Philippine women - dating women from Philippines.
Philippine women – dating women from the Philippines.

Best Dating Sites to Meet Thai women

The best Thai dating sites

Thai ladies for saleLately, there has been a steady increase in the number of dating websites in Thailand. The reason behind it varies. For some reason, Western men are increasingly looking for Thailand women to be their girlfriend or partner. On the other hand, Thai women are getting tech savvy and mail order brides is a concept they prefer. Whatever the reason is, one thing is sure. The number of profiles is increasing day by day. When you want to date a Thai woman, it is almost impossible to visit Thailand for a few dates. With online dating, you are capable to do it from your home country.

But when you are determined to meet your partner from one of the Thai online dating communities, here are a few things that you should be careful about.

Advice on dating Thai Ladies

thaifriendlyMost of the Thai dating websites are built in order to help expats and foreign men date Thai women through their websites. Though the intention of the website is innocent, the site cannot always prove that its members share the same goals. For example, there are numerous Thai women that sign up online to just chat with a guy for a few days and lure him into sending her money or expensive gifts.

There are women like this everywhere, but when it comes to international dating these things are important factors that you need to watch out for. If you are serious about pursuing a relationship with a Thai woman, then you need to identify the types that are looking for a relationship. Thai women who sign up as foreign brides also do so in order to entertain foreigners in their trips to Thailand. Through this, they make a little money and travel with their ‘date’ and later return to their old jobs.

Most of these women are bargirls, a kind that you might want to stay away from if you are planning for a serious relationship. It’s easy to identify them. If you don’t know what a woman is doing for her living, or if she seems to be doing something that is paying her well but doesn’t disclose it to you, that is your first sign. Sometimes when you ask a Thai woman about what she is doing for a living, she might say that she doesn’t do much. But if you do the math, you will know that she’s got to be doing something to keep her premium membership on the dating site.

Like all the women in Thailand that sign up for Asian dating sites, you are also likely to come across profiles about bar girls or serial daters. You can identify a bargirl with her weird shift hours and an average education background with the ability to communicate well. While some men are okay with that, there are others who will find it oddly disturbing.

However, among the bad eggs, there are women who are genuinely looking for a relationship. You can find them in one of the dating sites listed below.

Top 3 Best Dating Sites to meet Thai Women

  1. : This dating site has 100% online female dating site members. If you wanted to start somewhere for your search, then this might as well be the first. You can find genuine Thai women with a decent job or a business in this site. The nature of the membership determines your functionality with the site. Platinum members are allowed to request 100 virtual e-mail addresses each month. There is a one time fee of $95.00 to become a Platinum member and then it’s $29.00 / month, this is a pretty good deal, only 0.29 cents an address after the first month! Meet hundreds of beautiful Thai women looking for love and marriage on a Marriage Tour to Thailand.
  2. : On this Thai dating site, you are likely to come across women and students that are looking for a little fun. Settling down is not their ultimate goal, at least for most of the profiles. Membership is at $18.95 per month. Again, while there are genuine profiles, you might also find some serial daters.
  3. : This website displays profiles of Asian women in general, including Thai women. The best about this site is that it has almost all Asian women under one roof. Besides, you can also find a Thai woman in your home country.

These are one of the best dating sites in Thailand that are used for online dating. Their interface is easy to use and will help you get started on your international dating life in no time.

Many Foreign Men want to Marry a Thai woman

Many Foreign Men want to Marry a Thai woman

Foreign men are seeking Thai Girls for Marriage

Foreign men are seeking Thai Girls for MarriageThere has been a recent increase in the number of dating profiles available online in international dating sites. The reasons vary, but you have to notice that American men are becoming more interested in dating an Asian woman. Sometimes, their interests are pretty specific. They want a Thai girl for marriage. Thai women are sweet, sensitive and caring. They are capable of giving you the perfect family if you are loving and affectionate towards them. When western men think of Thai women, what they usually think about is the fact that most of them are extremely outgoing and end up as bargirls for a night’s fun.

When you look closer, you will find women in Thailand that make a hard living with a respectable job and an intelligence that is brighter than many western women. Here are a few traits of Thai girls that western men find attractive:

Thai women are exotic

Anything out of the usual is captivating. And while the whole of America is filled with clichéd looks and faces that are so familiar, Thailand is the land of smiling beauties. Women here have a pleasant smile glued to their petite face. Their super soft skin and their dark hair is something of a turn on. American and European women are often obese. Thai women are slim and attractive. Women of Thailand have features that are of a mixed type. The only similarity between Thai women is their brilliant smile that is capable of unarming any man.

Thai women know their intentions

Thai Mail Order Brides Dating Site Marriage ServiceTheir friendly nature is something that Americans are not used to seeing. In America, when a man approaches a woman, he has to think of a numerous ways of how to not approach a woman, rather than focussing on making a good impression. This is because, American women tend to think that any man who approaches them basically just wants to have a one night stand.
Thai women on the other hand know their integrity and their values. While you find women that are like sex toys in Thailand, it is also the same country where women are used to drawing a subtle yet firm line.

Thai women are friendly

Marriage between Thai Women and Western MenA Thai woman is friendly and will make sure that you have a good time when you are spending it with her. American women tend to put most of the pressure on the man until they are attracted to them. Thai women on the other hand are generally friendly and talking to them is like a refreshing breeze.

Now why else wouldn’t foreign men find them attractive? They are attractive to date and they are more attractive when you are in a happy relationship. A Thai woman who is in a relationship with a foreign man not only changes her life for him, but makes sure that she changes his life with her heart. A foreigner looking forward to meeting a foreign bride in Thailand is especially doing that because of a few reasons.

  • A Thai woman makes her home warm and cosy. Unlike American women who expect half of their chores to be shared by the man, a Thai woman does not always do that. She would love it if her husband helps her with chores by choice, but she would definitely not love her husband less because he doesn’t do anything. Some women in the west call this as ‘submissive’ but it is actually because thai women are sensitive.
  • Thai women put their families first. A Thai woman gives importance to her family’s needs before she thinks of herself. She understands that her family doesn’t work without her husband. Hence there are very fights about individuality and independence.
  • They are positive in life. A Thai woman does not only have an attractive appearance, she also has an attractive soul. She brings light to her partner’s heart. She makes him happy because that is all that she cares about.
    To put it in simple words, one can say that foreign men seek Thai girls and mail order brides for marriage because they are just not American and its something that works for them.