Advantages of Marrying a Foreign Woman

Foreign women for marriage

Have you considered marrying a foreign woman? It may seem a little fascinating and also a little outlandish an idea. You may be asking yourself, “Will she understand me?” “Will she get my values?” “Will she get along with my family?”

Rest assured, marrying a foreign woman is rather advantageous. Here are the TOP 10 reasons why:

1. Foreign women are more romantic

Women born and brought up in other countries and cultures view the Western world through popular media, books, stories, and films. Their notion of your culture is fresh and not tainted by any harmful ideology from over-familiarity. Just as she is foreign to you, you are unfamiliar to her. So, her notions of you and where you come from are much more romantic than it would be for a woman of your own culture for whom all of this would be dull and uninviting.


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2. Foreign women are more adventurous

Who does not know about foreign women’s resilience, perseverance, and adventurousness? If she has accepted you, she has stepped foot first into your culture- one that is entirely new to her. Moreover, foreign women are exotic in their natural beauty; they also are believers in the well-being of the body, mind, and soul. While initially shy, with the right kind of love, respect, and sense of safety and security, they will bloom to be your best-suited partner in all definitions of the term. You would have welcomed a sensual, beautiful, and intelligent lady into your life.

3. Foreign women will respect you for who you are

Foreign cultures have a significant element of respect, honor, and loyalty in man-woman relationships. By being her husband, you will be automatically respected, loved, and cared for by her. Loyalty towards you is what her culture teaches her to follow, and her upbringing instills a great sense of honor. This is crucial for a happy family life between the two of you and your progress in your social and professional sphere where she will stand by you respectfully through thick and thin. Of course, she will elicit the best out of you.

4. Foreign women adjust to your lifestyle sooner

Life is a lot like traveling. When we move from one point to another, we primarily explore and revel in the new goodness. Your wife will explore and discover more and more about you and your culture, just like you would for her. More importantly, she will take great care to adjust to your lifestyle with a bit of help from you because that will be the new life for her in all terms. Just like you will be thrilled with the new cuisines that waft out of your kitchen and the unfamiliarity of her practices and phrasing of sentences.

5. Foreign women are way more beautiful!

Foreign women have the right genes and the proper dietary habits and grow up in climates that are very different from yours. More importantly, their beauty is unparalleled. And their culture speaks of several practices in terms of what kinds of food they eat, the clothing texture, the hair, body, and skin care routines they follow, and the herbs and spices they use, making them prettier year on year with a distinct glow and skin texture. Foreign women age with grace due to a lifetime of these practices too. So, when you grow old beside your wife, you will behold a graceful, lovely lady who has held your heart for so long.

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6. Foreign women marry forever

Unlike in the Western World, foreign women believe that marriage must last forever. This is an overarching cultural trait, and hence marriage is far more ceremonious with astronomical, omen, and shamanic overtures to ensure that the marriage stays. You will have gained a stable, steady, and loving partnership if you marry a foreign woman.

7. Foreign women are more feminine and enjoy their feminity

All foreign cultures have particular behavioral values and mores for women – this includes how they carry themselves, their body language, their tone of voice, their speech, and their way of dressing. Women are encouraged to let their feminine side free and are used to having themselves prized for their feminity. This is completely lacking in the women of the Western world. While the modern foreign woman can do everything that a man does and gender roles are getting increasingly blurred just like in the Western world, one thing that has remained intact in the non-Western world is the value placed on being feminine. So, if you, like any other man, enjoy the presence of feminine gentleness, marry a foreign woman.


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8. Foreign women make your life exciting and a journey full of fun and learning

Foreign women can teach you a lot. From the Buddhist ideas of peace from Southeast Asia to the Hindu way of life from India to the Nordic and Baltic notions of balance and privacy to the sense of mystery from Eurasian countries and beyond, you marry a foreign woman embarking on a lifelong learning journey. Together, as a couple, you would be invincible in figuring out life situations better. The foreign woman is much more perceptive than the Western woman, having come from a different culture, an open mind, and letting her intuitions and perceptions guide her in navigating this new world. This will help you examine your life and your problems which may have seemed impossible, through a new lens, and suddenly, you will realize that there is SO much to do and live for. You have just opened the doors to a crazy, fun, wise, new adventure!

9. Your marriage will be a destination wedding, your wife’s country a vacation point, and much more

Travel broadens the mind. Yes. But knowing a new culture, in and out, and living with someone intimately from there opens up new avenues in your heart, soul, and mind. You look at everyday things in a new way. You have a new country to call home. Your wedding will be exotic, and people will talk about it for years to come. And you will have whole new doors open before you as a new culture. It may even be the most remote place in the world, but you will still have learned about new life and values, and this will take you much more forward in life as you will have matured through this path and a great multi-ethnic social life.

10. Foreign women are more sensuous

Single Chinese Women waiting for you. Find your love nowLast but not least, thanks to their valuing of their feminity, sense of adventure, and wanting to learn and experiment, foreign women are more sensual. If you marry a foreign woman, you would have brought to your home and bed a woman who could be your perfect match as you explore the territory of your physical being. Unlike their western counterparts, the foreign woman places great importance on the pleasures of the body. It is well known that the Eastern world, for example, has ancient texts to guide men and women to obtain the maximum of these pleasures, and it is considered essential for the overall well-being of the human being to be fulfilled sensually.

The foreign woman is a complete package of beauty, intelligence, love, loyalty, and sensuousness and offers a great lifelong partnership for you. So cast your inhibitions aside and do not think twice about marrying a foreign woman, as the advantages of doing so greatly outweigh your inhibitions and mental roadblocks towards it.

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