Why foreign men retire in Thailand?

Thailand is the best place to retire if you’re single

Single Thai women from Bangkok

Did you know that relationships between foreign retirees and Thai women date back to the 1960s and 1970s during the Vietnam War? Cross-cultural relationships thrived during that period due to Americans setting up bases in the North-East Thailand area, which prompted soldiers to fall in love with local Thai women. This trend continued even after the war ended when foreign men chose to drop anchor in Thailand and marry Thai women.

Why are foreign men choosing to retire in Thailand?

There are several reasons for this increasing trend after so many years:

  • The overall cost of living is much lower as compared to other major nations. You can buy or rent properties at low rates, spend more on necessities, and still manage to save a tidy sum in your bank account.
  • Tropical weather and amazing beaches at certain places provide ample recreation opportunities.
  • Last but not least, the prospect of meeting Thai women dramatically appeals to them. These women are known to be classic beauties with strong cultural and traditional values they dedicatedly follow. Being conservative is viewed as a massive plus for a woman to be considered as marriage material.

Why marry a Thai woman?

As previously stated, Thai women are passionate and place a high value on morals and values. Several studies have been conducted to determine why foreigners prefer Thai women, and 7 out of 10 participants stated that they want their wives to be independent and think freely. Still, they do not like women from western cultures because they are “too open-minded,” which can cause problems in a marriage. Their beauty, as well as their quiet and docile nature, makes them attractive to men.

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Why do Thai women like foreign men?

Although stereotypes have been dealt with, most people claim that Thai women get hitched by foreign men due to financial reasons. It is a known fact that Thailand isn’t that economically stable, which gives rise to the assumption that women reciprocate the affections of foreign men more out of needs than actual feelings. Yes, a specific class of women hails from less affluent backgrounds. They are looking for permanent solutions for financial stability and a better lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean their feelings aren’t genuine. However, most Thai women get into a relationship because they crave respect and don’t want to be trapped within the confines of a rigid social hierarchy. Infidelity is a problem with most Thai men, which naturally doesn’t sit well with women.

With cultural diversity increasing, it remains to be seen if the prospect of cross-culture marriage will be viewed more favorably in the future.

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