Getting a Fiancee Visa for your Thai Bride

Fiancee Visa for your Thai bride

When foreign men come from across the world to tour Thailand, these men are attracted by Thai women’s beautiful and friendly nature. Often romances bloom between Thai women and western men. Western men looking for a Thai girlfriend, are dating, or are married to Thai women should pay attention to the immigration laws, allowing you to take your love to your country and settle with her peacefully. Start by knowing the immigration laws beforehand so that you don’t face any difficulties when shifting to another country. Besides Thailand, marriages also occur in other countries where foreign men and Thai women meet. The couple resides on the nature of their jobs and their commitment and closeness to their family members in their respective countries. Sometimes the man takes his Thai bride to his country, but more often, the foreign man may decide to live with his partner in Thailand itself., But even that can pose some visa issues.

Settlement Visa for your Thai Fiancee

Immigration laws are regularly revised. Recently UK and Thailand have made some changes in the immigration laws, which have made it more difficult for such marriages. There have been cases where, though married, the husband and wife were forced to live in separate countries, and in another instance, the wife had to leave the husband’s country for some family issues. Still, when she returned, the government did not allow her to re-enter. So, start taking the matter seriously so that this kind of situation does not arise in your case. The first thing that the immigration authorities are searching for is whether your partner is eligible for a visa. Does she have some past background that can deem her unsuitable for it?

The best option is to find an experienced lawyer who will inform you of the necessary steps and enlighten you on the immigration laws. You need to have financial stability and patience and follow your lawyer’s suggestions. Thailand’s laws may seem quite complex, but respect the system and resolve your problem as soon as possible. There is more bad news on this front, as lately, Thailand has tightened its visa rules allowing a maximum of 3 months for foreign nationals to stay in the country. This decision has been taken in the light of cases where foreigners remain illegally in the country after their visa has expired.

Your relationship should be strong. It will be tested, and questions will be asked by the immigration authorities to check for the credibility of the relationship. Based on a silly infatuation, they will not risk the woman getting stranded in a bad situation or taking home a bar girl. You can apply for a travel visa for your partner, which is easier to get. The chances of getting a visa for your partner will be easier if she is married to you, has a good job, and belongs to a wealthy family. These problems might discourage your dreams of marrying a Thai bride or even bitter your relationship if you already have a Thai girlfriend or bride. But have faith because your partner will be granted a travel visa if your relationship is of substance and there is no reason to object.

Thai girl for marriage

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Best way to bring your Thai girlfriend to your country

You can also apply for a spousal or marriage visa if you have been married to your partner for a long time, but the marriage has to be legal in Thailand. The performance of the Buddhist ritual for marriage does not make a marriage legal. You have to obtain the marriage certificate from the Thai registry office. Getting the marriage certificate requires clearance from your embassy. Once the clearance is authenticated by the Thai Ministry of foreign affairs and after registering the marriage in the government registry office, you can quickly get a spousal visa for your wife. This process may take time, but it is essential to take things slow so that it does not seem that the sole reason for marriage is attaining a visa.

For obtaining a spousal visa, your partner needs to have a Thai passport and apply at the embassy for the visa to your country. A list of documents will be handed over which are required to be presented. Be very sincere about this, and do not falsify any information in the hopes of getting the visa soon because it will not hasten the process but might result in rejection of the visa application. If the visa application is rejected, it can pose a serious problem, making it more challenging to get a visa the next time. Don’t hide anything from the embassy. If you have come to Thailand looking for a bride, be honest about it and ensure that you get your passport using the correct method so that you don’t land in trouble when you apply for your partner’s visa. Lastly, have patience because the government has imposed such strict laws only to safeguard the security of Thai girls so that they don’t get exploited in any manner.

US K-1 Fiancee Visa

The fiancé(e) K-1 nonimmigrant visa is intended for a foreign-citizen fiancé(e) of a US citizen. The K-1 visa allows the foreign-citizen fiancé(e) to enter the United States and marry his or her US citizen sponsor within 90 days of arrival.

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  • The guide explains what to do and what to expect once your petition has been approved.

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What is a fiancé visa?

The Fiancee (K-1) visa is a non-immigrant visa with many characteristics of an immigrant visa that allows Fiancees of US citizens to enter the US for marriage. Even though it is a non-immigrant visa, the Embassy’s Immigrant Visa Unit usually handles the visa interview. Three US government agencies review the K-1 visa: USCIS, the National Visa Center, and the Embassy. Currently, all visa applications are submitted to the USCIS office in Dallas and then assigned to different Service Centers, typically located in California, Vermont, and Texas. Following USCIS approval, the case file is given to the NVC for a background check on your Fiancee. The case file is then sent to the Embassy for final processing.

When entering the country on a K-1 visa, the visa is valid for 90 days (marriage must occur within 90 days). If you and your Fiancee decide not to marry, your Fiancee must leave the United States. Fiancees are not permitted to change their status to any other category other than that based on marriage to their U.S. citizen applicant.

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