Thai Mail-Order Brides: Best Ways to Meet a Thai Woman

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  1. What is the nature of Thai women like? Since 2012, I have been married to a Thai woman. In the past, her entire family moved to the United States. Thai women are the foundation of the family; historically, her father and mother, as well as her brother, have resided with us during her brother’s personal struggles. This is perfectly normal for Thais; since social security does not exist in Thailand, families are expected to provide for one another.

    We frequently travel to Thailand again for vacations, but the COVID-19 pandemic ruined this year’s trip. Having traveled the entirety of this marvelous nation, I can attest to the diversity of Thai women, ranging from the ultra-polite and cautious to the bar girls in Pattaya.

    The fact that women perform labor in many countries that would be considered male-dominated is something that never ceases to amaze me. It is commonplace to observe women shoveling asphalt on roadways.

    In essence, answering this question proves challenging; it appears that they are comparable to women worldwide.

    I once communicated this to a black friend. “I have no idea what it is like to be black! Neither do I know what it is like to be an Asian woman.

    Please excuse my poor grammar; ..LOL.

  2. To be fully open, I am married and reside in Pattaya. I met my Thai girlfriend while employed at a go-go establishment. Together, we manage a small company and reside.

    From my observations, a “proper” Thai woman can be found virtually anywhere. That is contingent on the girl in question. However, the task would be considerably more manageable if the search was restricted to individuals who were not engaged in the bar scene. That means that you would not typically encounter women working in go-go establishments or booze bars, as their role is to accompany patrons. Their viewpoint regarding foreigners (farangs) will differ significantly from that of an individual whose livelihood does not revolve around the sex trade. This may also include women who have held positions as “additions in massage salons.

    The ladies who hold steady employment in institutions such as banks, hospitals, large retailers, restaurants, and the like will value a good man more for who he is than his financial capabilities (this is a subject that is perpetually debated). They often possess the ability to sustain themselves on a considerably modest income, and their expectations are frequently not as ambitious. They remain unaffected by the allure of quick cash associated with “going with customers.”

    Additionally, finding a Thai woman with a college degree is a tremendous plus.

    To initiate a meeting with them, a simple salutation suffices. Inquire concerning their family. Invite them to tea. Avoid both pushing and rushing. Exercise patience. These women are frequently paid little and receive only a handful of days off per month, despite working long hours. They have no additional funds for dinners, movies, or buying things, so any contribution (within reason) would be greatly appreciated. Prepare yourself to encounter the family should she develop a favorable opinion of you. Exhibit that your intentions are virtuous, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the degree of gratitude she expresses in return.

    Is it currently feasible to encounter a “decent” woman in a bar? It is indeed feasible. However, keep in mind that she will have a past that you will both need to confront in order to be in a relationship that is not financial. Working in a field where the daily or monthly salary can be as much as ten times greater than what an individual earns in a non-sex-related occupation (for significantly less effort) will undoubtedly influence their perspective.

    Thailand has an entirely different culture than the West. Experiencing the way Thais think and the way women perceive themselves can be a challenge for those who have held positions involving “special” relationships with foreigners.

    To adapt to the Thai system of meditation, a Western man must undergo a shift in the way he was raised. It is not to be taken lightly.

  3. My married relationship with a Thai woman: after a series of unsuccessful relationships with Filipino and Thai girlfriends and a failed ten-year marriage, I eventually met my current (Thai) wife of eight years in Isaan Province. In addition to the Thai cultural difference, an age difference appears to be significant here; I am the same age as her father but appear to be quite young. I tend to refrain from disclosing my age to others, yet she boasts about it. She is more erudite and a devout Buddhist, and her family is extremely close. Her father had recently passed away, and she had been free from a five-year violent marriage with a Thai. He would request the phone numbers of women in her presence, and she eventually got a car for which she paid fifty percent of her income.

    We met virtually, and communication was challenging due to the fact that she spoke very little English and I spoke Thai even less proficiently. We both worked diligently to improve our English, and while her progress has been somewhat remarkable, mine has been adequate. Volunteer Corps instructors and others we encounter frequently remark on her English proficiency.

    Although the initial few months of our relationship were fraught with frequent disagreements and problems, we persevered and began to find many things in common. She expressed her appreciation for my sincere efforts to respect her, her family, her government career, and her culture. in addition to the fact that I avoid eye contact with other girls in her presence. She is indeed envious, but the matter is also one of regard. She was annoyed that I refused to delegate tasks to her, such as having her trim my nails.

    She was extremely distressed by the way in which others treated her due to the fact that she was with me. Due to the Thai belief that the majority of farang-Thai relationships involve (former) bar girls or impoverished, unintelligent country girls, she was frequently treated with disdain. The police would question why she is with a foreigner. In an effort to combat this, we always dress formally when we are together, and she pays for everything, even if it means depositing her cash beneath the table. Certain women in her office have shown an interest in meeting “a nice farang,” so acquaintances are not an issue.

    Regardless of culture, money appears to be one of the most significant challenges in a marriage, but this is not the case for us. I initially declared my impoverished financial situation, and she has not requested my assistance. Regardless, I do my best to contribute by paying bills such as the rent for the house, attending to family obligations, and providing assistance with the car. Not at all like the terrifying tales I frequently encounter on the internet.

    Over the past few years, her dependency on alcohol has been our greatest obstacle; she has been fighting and is slowly winning. Such is the demise of numerous marriages. It resulted in numerous health complications, hospitalizations, and severe liver damage. I prefer moderate alcohol consumption and ought to have been more concerned about her drinking, particularly at parties. Even worse, I constructed an appropriate home bar for her and introduced her to cocktails. I admire how hard she has worked to overcome it, and it has been two years since her last drink. To assist her, I abstain from consuming alcohol, including beer, at home and never consume it in her presence.

    It appears that we mature annually together, and I consider myself fortunate to be in her company. Additionally, her mother is wonderful, and her younger sister is maturing into a lovely young lady. extremely shy prior to our growing closer. To conclude, the Thai-Firan culture gap does not pose a problem if you meet someone who is committed to a long-term relationship, if there is intimacy between them, and if they share similar interests and goals.

  4. In contrast to dating in the West, dating in Thailand might be characterized by unique cultural norms and values. Thai women are renowned for their warmth and hospitality, but as in any other country, it takes patience, diligence, and esteem to find a girlfriend.

    Particularly with regard to women, Thai culture places a significant emphasis on deference and courtesy. Engaging in unacceptable or rude behavior when approaching women is unlikely to produce a favorable result.

    Additionally, numerous Thai women are attracted to foreigners; however, it is critical to comprehend the motivations that drive this fascination. Certain women may be in pursuit of an authentic romantic partnership, whereas others may be more concerned with securing financial security or arranging international travel.

    In general, establishing a genuine relationship with a woman who shares your interests and values, being polite, and recognizing cultural differences are all essential components of finding a girlfriend in Thailand.