Meet Thai Mail-Order Brides for Marriage

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2 Responses

  1. Does it justify one’s fear to marry a Thai woman? Upon the completion of a massage for my friend in Bangkok, the therapist advised him, “Never marry a Thai woman.”
    Whoever marries a Thai bar girl with the expectation that she will behave like a submissive wife is simply devoid of intelligence. How many foreigners do you believe the girls have witnessed and experienced entering the country, preferably cheaply, and then abandoning the girls to continue in that hopeless cycle? Do you anticipate that those young women will not bebehave like walking ATMs that require immediate emptying?

    It is advisable to maintain the same level of treatment towards an entertainment girl even after their marriage. You possess the funds and the authority, and she submits. Do you truly not consider that to be an ideal marriage? Laughable…then again, if Asian women are your “type,” perhaps you could consider dating women from your church or another place where you can encounter women with typical occupations; treat her with deference…You may even be showered with love and respect in return. It is a crazy idea, I acknowledge.

  2. Jacob says:

    What attracts Westerners to Thailand in search of romantic relationships with Thai women? Just because earlier responses appeared favored and a mixture of true and false, I am responding now. The inquiry pertains to the duration of an extramarital relationship, not to sexual predators, perverts, or the sex industry in Thailand.

    Many Westerners appear to have an irrational preference for Thai beauty over Western beauty. In contrast, Thais favor western aesthetics. When Westerners are unable to locate suitable partners in their home countries, they are abruptly thrust into an entirely new environment. It is probable that Thais residing in rural areas of the country earn between 5,000 and 35,000 Thai Baht per month. During a two-week vacation, Westerners typically carry at least 50,000 Thai Baht for discretionary spending. Whether a Westerner or a Thai pays in cash or in kind for an affair, it is an excellent transaction for both parties.
    The vast majority of young Thais are occupied with familial obligations. The absence of national health coverage, an old-age pension, and child support has resulted in a significant reliance on younger family members to finance the household. This significantly motivates young Thais to engage in extramarital affairs that they might not have otherwise considered.
    Regardless of their familial lineage, Thais have a cultural norm of etiquette, particularly from youth to old age. Westerners, unaccustomed to the generous smiles that are prevalent in Thailand, can be instantly captivated. In contrast, Thais find Westerners who have traveled extensively, encountered different cultures, and held unique perspectives on life as a whole to be quite impressive.