Why Western men date Asian women ?

Dating single Asian women

Have you often wondered why more and more Western men are dating Asian women? It cannot just be the globalized culture where you find people across the World living, studying, and working in each other’s countries. What about the Asian women appeals to Western men?

Here are some possible reasons :

Asian women are well behaved

It is considered impolite in Asian culture to not smile in greeting. Smiling is a way to welcome someone into one’s life, and the guest or any new person met is considered with a great deal of respect. Asian women hence show a sense of respect and gratitude to every person they meet while dealing with them, be it through gestures, the spoken word, or intonations.

Asian women seek Western men for marriage

Asian women for dating

Asian women are beautiful and exotic.

Asian women naturally have different features, skin, and hair textures. Their diet contains traditional food high in nutritional and protein value, suited to their region’s climate, and shows on their features. It is like they are on a daily skin and hair care routine without knowing it. This pays off as they age gracefully and are very attractive throughout their lives.

Asian women are conservative by nature.

Asian women are brought up based on several cultural norms and practices – musical and dance, emphasizing grace. They are naturally agile and supple, and even when not petite or lightweight, they tread softly and move with a rhythm very much unknown among women of other cultures. This is graceful and attractive and, for the Western man, very different from what he has witnessed in his culture, thereby eliciting great curiosity.

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Asian women are brought up in a very different culture from that of the Western man. Asian culture is gendered and places a higher value on education, responsibility, respect, politeness, and grace. While the Western man lives in a society where much is accomplished, an Asian woman is raised in a community where her family lineage primarily determines her status. So, while the Western man may be aggressive, an Asian woman may be more concerned with preserving what is and developing what can be to improve upon that status through achieving in a more genteel manner in which the aggression is less visible and, more politely, less confrontationally garbed. This attracts the Western man because the Asian woman is highly successful without spitting nails.

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All said and done, the Asian woman is always highly educated, if not through western elementary schooling, through traditional education, adept at hosting, active listening, and skilled conversationalist. She is trained in several cultural arts and may even be able to read introductory astronomy and weather patterns depending on the part of Asia she hails from. Altogether, she is an exciting and attractive companion to the Western man and opens his eyes to a very different world. This is why Western men date Asian women.

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