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2 Responses

  1. Jolene says:

    Additionally, finding a “sugar baby” is simple if you have spare cash. Without the shame of calling it so, many “relationships” between Thais and foreigners in Thailand are in fact sugar daddy-child relationships.

    A woman who is well-traveled, educated, and who shares your values and speaks English is an ideal girlfriend. It is quite difficult, to be completely honest. The female population is minuscule in comparison to the overall expat population. Although I do know a few women in this demographic, they comprise less than between five and ten of the women I know, and certainly a fraction of one percent of the general population.

    However, if you are fluent in Thai, your dating options literally explode. Thailand, and Thai women in particular, have my least favorable opinion for a variety of reasons, including the high prevalence of casual infidelity; therefore, unless your home country is truly abhorrent, I would advise against settling here. Even land ownership in one’s own name is prohibited, and the government’s treatment of individuals here is largely disapproved. Therefore, I feel sorry for the men who are confined to this location, either by a woman or, worse, by children. In contrast, Thai women appear to be less critical of your age than women in other nations. Thai women of a younger age should be more amenable to dating if you are well-groomed, attractive (in their opinion), and wealthy. While it appears that many foreigners pursue single mothers in Thailand, the majority of them are not as particular as their unbagged counterparts. I believe it is not a significant issue.

    Half the women in Pattaya are open to being your “girlfriend” for slightly less than $1000 per month if you are truly desperate. They all generally disgust me, and as such, I have no desire to associate with them.

  2. Duster A says:

    Although we have not been married for four years, my Thai wife and I have been together for nearly two of them. Twenty years ago, I was married to my ex-wife, an Aussy, and we enjoyed a wonderful relationship. I never intended to have a Thai girlfriend, much less a wife. She labored diligently to acquire my affection and continued to do so for several years. There are still many positive aspects of my wife, as well as a few that absolutely irritate me.

    Money and further cash… My spouse has never requested a salary, requested money to send home, borrowed money from family members, or purchased automobiles. She desired to own her own company, as do the majority of people… Cosmetics, such as… Obviously, she went bankrupt, and I lost a considerable amount of money that she “guaranteed to return; I haven’t seen a baht in three years; that money is gone. And she desires to start a new business, for which I am required to contribute one million baht, or a salary of several thousand baht. Avoid pressure. It is common for individuals to establish a business venture only to experience complete failure. Instead of giving up, they will devise a new venture and demand financial investment; if that venture fails, they will continue to fantasize.

    Despite the fact that my wife already operates two profitable businesses, she is the first to pay for food, rent, and other expenses with her own money. She also sends money to her mother and pays rent for her two sons’ education, so it’s not entirely one-way traffic. It appears that I will receive a portion of what is owed, which is unheard of in Thailand, where money is not commonly paid back, according to my acquaintances here. We shall see.

    Comparing Thai and Farang cultures… An enormous chasm exists between us; my wife has no interests whatsoever, not even watching television or earning money.

    I am a fairly cultured individual and am always looking to broaden my horizons. Long after I have been awake attempting to explain something to my wife, she reaches for her phone with her eyes glazing over after ten words. She is business-savvy but has no interest in anything other than stupid Thai dramas and comedy on television. Even more disturbing is the fact that she is uninterested and does not care that it is not sabotaging or enjoyable. A couple of years ago, it was a frustrating experience to bring her home to Sydney due to her attention span, which is roughly equivalent to that of a three-year-old. Aside from shopping, her only interest was in having photographs taken of her; she would request that I send them to her, where she would edit and post them, before deciding to leave. Regardless of the fact that it had been four years since I last saw the waves, she was bored and desired to go elsewhere. Thais can be so self-centered and insensitive; they genuinely prioritize themselves, their relatives, children, friends, and husbands in that order.

    To conclude, I had a life-threatening accident over the holiday season of 2021 and was not expected to survive. I was unconscious and lacked health insurance, so my wife was unable to access my bank account in order to make the necessary payments for treatment. She dialed her parents’ number and instructed them to sell their entire gold collection, restructure their pickup truck, and remit the funds to her. Additionally, she, her son, and my brother-in-law sold their gold in order to fund my operations. She remained by my side for the next twelve days in the hospital, during which time she witnessed the gory details, howls of pain, and various delusions, in addition to the doctors who visited her daily and advised her to remain strong while I still had a chance of dying. She cared for me for four months after I returned home, assisted me in walking, and restored me to a state of normalcy. Certainly, I would have perished had she not disclosed any of it to me; I discovered the truth about it independently thereafter.

    In conclusion, Thai wives are exceedingly perplexing and frustrating, frequently illogical, yet devoted in their own unique way, provided that you are able to understand them…