Romance tours to Thailand: Thai bride tours

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  1. Jolene says:

    How do western men feel about an elderly white guy who got married to a younger Filipina?

    I identify as Filipina. In all honesty, I feel sorry for both of them. Age is irrelevant in the context of love, but it is likely that they are both engaged in reciprocal parasitism. Evidently, the younger woman desires what the older man does (money and better turf), whereas the older man seeks some form of reciprocation—whether it be sexual, familial, or companionship—or simply to demonstrate to himself, his family, and his friends that he or she is still marketable. It is simply awful for me. It seems unlikely that the woman truly loves the man. In addition, I neither object to nor discriminate against interracial relationships, as I am of the same age as my white foreign boyfriend. We are both employed and hold degrees. It is abundantly clear that my motivations do not revolve around material possessions, as I effectively utilize my intelligence to generate income for myself and support my immediate family. In all honesty, I would never date a man of the same age as my father or grandfather; the thought is abhorrent to me. I abhor the thought of engaging in sexual intimacy, much less kissing, with an elderly gentleman. That is simply not my taste. No disrespect is intended.

  2. chinchin says:

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a Thai girlfriend or wife?

    Thai women have been a popular topic of conversation for decades. The response is straightforward. A proverb that has stood the test of time states that Thai women possess what women in other countries do not: “until death tear us part.” Thai women hold the phrase in high regard. The manner in which an individual woman interprets this adage is contingent upon her upbringing. The love of a devoted Thai wife is difficult to find in the twenty-first century, and it is also potentially lethal. Those who marry Thai women from abroad have learned the hard way. While not all foreign women has met an untimely demise or been murdered, this is the consequence of having kings spice up their lives. However, users on Quora who are married to Thai women have wonderful, devoted families. The devoted wife who comes early and never rests on her back; the couple coming together to find a Thai girlfriend

    It is evident that a significant distinction exists between the term’s “wives” and “girlfriends.” Such is global!

    Thai girlfriends in Thailand will warm the hearts of all foreigners. Why? Thai women are not only affectionate and considerate but also benevolent and thoughtful toward those in their vicinity; as a result, each Thai girlfriend is more valuable than gold and platinum. Moreover, having the ability to function simultaneously as a tourist guide, bargainer, and translator. Your only possible return to her would be to be extremely generous—to spend and pay!

    However, the inquiry pertains to non-Thai individuals who are romantically involved with Thai women. Although I am devoid of a Thai lover or romantic partner, I identify as an Amercian Asian boy. That does not imply I am incapable of distinguishing between a Thai girlfriend and a Thai wife. Feel free to challenge my arguments.

  3. fender says:

    In Thailand, what has your experience been like dating successful, well-educated Thai women?

    I dated a single Thai woman for any significant duration. At the time we met, she was pursuing a doctorate, 23 years old, and a virgin, unlike the majority of Thai women. Before, she had never been on a date. She liked me immensely and undoubtedly would have been delighted to wed me. At the time, I attended Princeton for Engineering and was well on my way to becoming wealthy.

    We spent the entire day on our first date getting to know one another. Everything remained the same the following day, with the exception of having sexual relations that evening. During the subsequent six to eight months, we reconnected approximately three times for a few days each after that trip, which lasted around a week. She presented me to her mother, who operated a small restaurant in Bangkok, during my second visit. His father was a military officer who did not reside with the family.

    She is an adequately nice girl. However, I could not get past the fact that I find Thai women to be annoying. Several other Thais and I have had encounters both prior to and since. The last was a Thai national of American descent who is an absolute slut. I found her presence unbearable.

  4. Joe Fart says:

    It was more typical for me to date Thai girls who were in exchange for services when I lived in the United States as opposed to Thailand. Although it was a pleasant experience,

    Many of the women seeking to meet expats in Thailand are so-called “working girls,” which is an alternative term for freelancers or those who do something for pay with men (especially on the dating site Tinder). This is most certainly not my cup of tea. I have a preference for the American approach to dating, which emphasizes getting to know one another beforehand. Additionally, there are individuals referred to as “bar girls,” who are employed at bars and perform a similar role to the freelance girls; therefore, visitors should anticipate being approached.

    Besides these kinds of girls, there are regular women with families and legitimate jobs who tend to be a bit more affluent but are more difficult for an American expat to meet due to their less frequent contact. I, too, possess a very limited amount of experience in this regard, having met a few of them.

    Additionally, a notable language barrier hinders their ability to establish a connection with an expat, as the English language is not as widely spoken in this region as it is, for instance, in Europe. However, the majority of Thai women do anticipate that you will offer them money in some way or another; this is not a topic that is discussed as frequently in Western dating compared to Thailand. Attempt to achieve success if that is what you’re good at.